Shape-wear Never Looked So Damn Good.

Have you ever found yourself trying on 10 different outfits, frustrated that nothing ‘looks’ or ‘feels’ right... Yep despite a closet full you have “nothing to wear”!

If so then Contour Clothing is for you!

Founded by Business Sisters, Annaliese & Melissa, Contour Clothing creates and curates wardrobe staples with built-in shapewear that outlast fast fashion trends, and are designed to sculpt your curves whilst being comfortable! You’ll have a more flattering silhouette without the feeling of being squashed by traditional shapewear. 

Melissa: I think my younger years were pretty normal for the 90s/00’s, meaning I was extremely body conscious, on ridiculous diets (I think I’ve tried them all), obsessing about weight and being a bit miserable. It took me to my late 20’s to learn to love myself.

Hitting my 30s during covid, and gaining some (20) covid kilos that haven’t left me yet (it's the wine) I found myself struggling to find my style and what worked for my new body. For the first time, I was feeling conscious about my stomach jiggling around and was trying a variety of shaping undergarments trying to get a little tummy support. The knicker styles all just seemed to work their way into way too deep wedgies and the shorts style coming mid-thigh to underbust was just too hot on summer Aussie days!

So I started searching for products that could bridge the gap, and that's where I found garments with Shapewear built in! We are so excited to bring you our own products the Embodycon™ Dresses & Skirts and some amazing US brands to compliment our range. I’m so proud of our brand, I’m passionate about the fact we will never photoshop and we use a variety of models, with the goal of helping women see that they can stop waiting to ‘fit clothing’ and buy clothing that fits them!

Its whats on the inside that counts.

Annaliese: Growing up, I often felt conscious of my body, and that I had to dress a certain way that never really felt ‘me’. This often led to some funky-looking outfits. Finding what to wear was a pain, and I never felt comfortable, which didn’t help my inherent shyness. Much later, in my early 20s, I began to develop my own sense of fashion & style - I actually started to enjoy going shopping and dressing up (something I would have never dreamed of!).

Now, in my late 20s, I’m the happiest, most confident & most comfortable I’ve ever been with myself. I want to help other women understand that they can look and dress exactly as they want to and feel amazing as they do it. This is why I love Contour Clothing, the clothes are feminine, and give an unparalleled sense of confidence.

Contour Clothing is about empowering women of all shapes & sizes to celebrate their bodies, to look and feel great. In a society that still teaches body shaming, we are pushing back! Knowing our worth is a powerful tool - and to me, Contour Clothing is that tool.

The brand is still young, and we’re both balancing full-time jobs alongside this wonderful creation, however, we are extremely excited to keep building and become even better for you!