How To Hide Shapewear Lines!

It’s Friday, and I’ve decided to put on my little black dress. Beforehand, I’m squeezing into my shape-wear, smoothing out my body shape to make sure I feel as confident as possible, and make sure the dress “looks good”. I’m standing, checking myself out in the mirror, only to realise that actually, shape wear lines are showing - it would have been embarrassing to go out like that.

We’ve all been there. Countless times investing in the “best shape wear”, that promises to sculpt but only results in a huge sigh of relief after you’ve peeled it off at the end of the night. Shape-wear that breaks pretty much every promise it makes, and ends up making you more uncomfortable with all the digging in. Ouch!

So, how can we hide those unbearable shape-wear lines? And how can we ensure the shape-wear we buy is actually comfortable?

Well, what if the clothes we wore already had in-built 360° shaping and sculpting technology that embraced your curves in a natural way? Then, we wouldn’t have to hide any shape-wear lines at all!


This is exactly the essence of Contour Clothings’ range of quality shape-wear clothing pieces, each item carefully designed to shape you without digging in, and of course without the shape-wear lines. Each piece includes a concealed layer of shape-wear, that feels as comfortable as active wear, so you can look and feel your best without a worry!

Whether you are looking for a dress you can wear to the office, a bodysuit for going out with the girls, or some smart leggings that sculpt your curves for during the day, Contour Clothings’ range has you covered. Check out our latest offerings here.

And in the meantime, maybe it’s time to throw that old shape-wear out? You’ll thank us for it later!

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