How to Best Care For Your Contour Clothing Order

How to Best Care For Your Contour Clothing Order

Not only do we want you to love your new Contour Clothing items, but we’re also all about quality and sustainable fashion, and want your new order to be a long-lasting wardrobe staple for many years to come. Here are some top tips to help you care for and preserve your new Contour Clothing garments.

Tip #1  Wash less frequently and on 30 degrees
Simple but effective, fewer washes and at lower temperatures will help keep your Contour Clothing pieces looking newer for longer. 30 degrees is the optimal temperature to ensure you get a good wash, whilst also helping out the environment - win-win!

Tip #2  Avoid using the dryer, line dry instead.
Hanging your clothes out to dry not only saves your pocket and the planet, but your clothes too! Tumble drying can damage clothing fibres, and further, can decrease the built-in shapewears’ elasticity. When hanging clothes, using wooden or padded hangers can help to protect garments from becoming misshapen. 

Tip #3  Wash inside out. 
This technique helps to prevent colour fading, and allows the inside of your clothes to take the brunt of the friction.                                 

Tip #4  Pay attention to care labels 

Each garment comes with its own care label, be sure to run your eyes over them for optimum care.                  

Tip #5  Wash at lower temperatures      

We said it before, but we’ll say it again, wash your clothes at lower temperatures! It really doesn’t need to be higher than 30 degrees to get a thorough clean.

Tip #6  Store properly

Be sure to hang your clothes in a cool, dry space, where the fabric can breathe, and to protect from dampness. Try not to overfill your wardrobe, the more breathing space your clothes have, the less likely they are to wrinkle or suffer from colour loss from clothes being too tightly packed in.         

Tip #7 Close zips/fasteners before washing
Ensuring your Embodycon dress is zipped up before going in the wash can help avoid breakages, and contribute to a longer life. 


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