My Personal Style Consultation with Kimberley Sara

My Personal Style Consultation with Kimberley Sara

My Personal Style Consultation with Kimberley Sara

I lost my way with my style. I lost it somewhere between having babies, laundry and laziness with myself.  Also, things had changed for me.  My lifestyle was different - I needed to focus more on comfort and practicality with my outfits now that I had to chase after two cheeky little girls.  

When I came across Stylist Kimberley Sara I knew she would be the perfect person to help me get back on track and feeling myself again.  [and by ‘feeling myself’ I mean that in the Beyonce / Nicky Minaj duet kinda way].

Let’s get acquainted...

First things first Kim wanted to get to know me - who I am, what I like, what I don’t like.  At first I thought ‘oh wow these are some personal questions here lady!  Just tell me what to wear!’.  But we all know style is much more than the clothes we were.  Kim knows this intimately and it’s why she’s so thorough with her deep dive to get to know you!  

Some of the she asked:

  • Upload photos [quick take a terrible selfie because your husband can’t take a good picture of you!]
  • Practical stuff like what’s your budget, sizing like, colouring
  • Personal questions around parts of your self you like to show off and hide, what struggles you may have with your confidence, time or motivation.  What would be your dream job?  And this one really took me a while to answer ‘I feel most beautiful when…..’
  • What are some of your preferences with clothing and colours - because there is no point in her telling you to wear 6 inch heels if you are a ballet flat kinda gal!
  • What are your little obsessions - is it shoes?  Hats? Jewellry?
  • What would you never wear? 
  • How would you describe your personality [I copied and pasted an Aries profile because it sums me up!]

When I finished I realised it’s a lot more around her getting a picture of my lifestyle, my preferences and my personality and not just about the clothes I like. 

The best thing is this was all online - so when I had to stop for a minute and really think about some of the responses I had the time [it’s like getting to know yourself too!].

As I had never had a style consult before I wasn’t sure what I should expect.  What I didn’t expect was to be blown away by the detail and accuracy in an amazing PPT [oh i love a good PowerPoint presentation guys!].

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

15 pages of goodness and a-ha! moments.  

Kim delves into so much detail and explanation on why stuff works.  

Firstly she gave my style a topline category  - CLASSIC MINIMALIST.  Correct!  This helps with my Pinterest searches now!  And what are the brands I should stick too. 

dress bodycon 

She then delves into my colour chart [apparently black on black is not a colour].  This is actually good for me as it will help get me out of my comfort zone.  This is all based off my personal colouring with hair, skin and eyes in mind plus some of the preferences I highlighted - like I am never going to wear yellow so this makes total sense!  So it's great to understand what colours I could wear. 

colour consultation

Then we get to the goods!  Body Shape.  This is something I believe so heavily in [and the basis of Embodycon] - that we should be dressing for our shape and not our size.   She was able to breakdown items to wear and avoid - not because it’s socially inappropriate but because these styles will accentuate and flatter our shapes.  

For example - she says I shouldn’t wear shapeless tops.  I am notorious for doing this and I know it does me now favours.  But I do - and then wonder why I feel frumpy.  All the suggestions are built around showing off what your mama gave ya! I love that.

The best part are the edits - she goes into detail here with various products, where to find them and makes it work with your budget. There are personalised notes on how to style items - like making sure you tuck shirts in and don’t just leave them loose [which is something I need to do for my shape].

It all felt like it made so much sense and I’ve been consciously making those decisions with my outfits [even in C word iso!].  All of this feel attainable and easy for me - it's all around getting the basics / structural elements of your wardrobe right.  

I’m so glad to have come across Kim’s profile.  We share the same values and she provides amazing styling advice deeply rooted in CONFIDENCE.  And let’s be honest - Confidence is the best accessory any woman can wear.

A huge part of the reason Embodycon came about was to create a product that was a great base for any type of style - to take some of these guidelines for your shape to really enhance your body and feel amazing.  

NB:  Remember these recommendations are based off my body, preferences and lifestyle.  There is no blanket answers for you - so make sure you get a bit deeper into what is needed for your style overhaul. 

Would you love a boost to your confidence?  Find out how you can get a personalised e-styling profile tailored specifically to you here.

About Kimberley Sara

Kimberley Sara is a Canberra based personal stylist, fashion blogger and mum of two boys. 

To find out more about Kimberley Sara check out her website and Instagram for style inspiration:

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