How to Shop Smarter with Kimberley Sara

How to Shop Smarter with Kimberley Sara

How to Shop Smarter with Kimberley Sara

Blog Contribution - Kimberley Sara

Do you have a wardrobe full of unwanted items?

Do you find yourself purchasing the same things over and over or returning 90% of your purchases?

Becoming a successful shopper is all about honing in on the gaps in your wardrobe, learning to factor in CPW (cost per wear), identifying and staying true to your personal style and eliminating wasteful spending.

Not sure where to start? Here are four tips to help you become a smarter, savvier shopper…

Filling A Need Vs Filling A Void...

There is a big, big difference between these two! Filling a need means you have identified an item which is missing from your wardrobe and reducing your ability to wear items you already own. For example, you might have some gorgeous strapless tops of singlets but no strapless bra to make them work. You might have some great leggings but no longer cut tee's to style over the top.

Working out what these key missing items are will help you shop for a need rather than shopping to fill a void. Often we try to fill voids in our lives with distractions and stuff which we don’t need and will never use. Shopping for emotional fulfilment rather than logically heading out to purchase something you will use might feel good for an hour or two but will eventually leave you feeling guilty, weighed down and stressed out.

How Often Will You Wear It?

Cost per wear (CPW) is an important factor to determine when it comes to every item you purchase. Consider the difference between something cheap which might only be worn a couple of times, eg a $20 worn 3 times equals a cost per wear of $6.60 in contrast with something more expensive which will be worn again and again, eg $150 jeans worn 100 times equals a cost per wear of $1.50. Before adding anything to your wardrobe, do a CPW calculation and you will start to think about clothing in a whole new way.

How Versatile Is It?

Do a mental scroll of the items your already own when considering adding a new item to the mix. How many pieces in your existing wardrobe will style well with this new item? Is the versatility constricted due to a difficult print, unusual shape or simply because it is completely different to anything you already own?

There isn’t much point purchasing something which only goes with one item in your wardrobe but if the item is versatile and can be paired back with a handful of things then you should consider it an investment. Great examples of versatile pieces are simple, stretchy pieces which work as a base and can be layered in a multitude of ways – this could be a stretch jean, a body suit or a fitted t-shirt dress    [like our Embodycon!]

The Keep-Forever-Factor...

Some items of clothing can offer sentimental value and on rare occasions even financial value. Unique and rare designer or vintage items can be investments which increase in value over time so are worth spending on because they will be kept forever.

The same applies to items which offer sentimental value - this might be something with significance such as an engagement party dress, the first statement bag you purchased or something which was bought on holiday. Keep-forever pieces are special, beautiful items of clothing which feel like a part of us. When shopping, consider the "keep-forever-factor. Is the item in your hands something you will always want to hang onto? Then snap it up! You should be able to open up your wardrobe to see it filled with pieces that bring meaning and joy to you, pieced which will hang there for years and years to come.


About Kimberley Sara

Kimberley Sara is a Canberra based personal stylist, fashion blogger and mum of two boys. 

To find out more about Kimberley Sara check out her website and Instagram for style inspiration:

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