How to Dress with Confidence with Kimberley Sara

How to Dress with Confidence with Kimberley Sara

How to Dress with Confidence with Kimberley Sara

The magic ingredient to dressing well is confidence – how you wear something matters far more than what it is you are actually wearing. So, how do you begin to feel more confident in the way you dress, why does it make such a difference to your style and how come it can feel like searching for the gold at the end of the rainbow? Read on, we are here to help!

Fake It Till You Make It

Self-confidence is not a gift bestowed upon a lucky few, it can belong to anyone but it requires practice. Yes, that’s right, you have to work at it. The same applies to style – it takes practice to develop your sense of style and it takes many attempts to finally land in a place of dressing with confidence. The best way to “practice” confidence when it comes to fashion is to wear one thing each week which scares you. Pick a day and wear that piece which feels way too over the top, or way too edgy or way too far from your comfort zone. Feel the fear, but wear it anyway…better yet, take a photo, gram it and refer to it when you feel tempted to re-enter your safe cocoon. 

Learn to accept your flaws

This can be a lifelong mission but there are concrete, active steps we can take to begin to accept the things we think of as “flaws”. As with anything, what we focus on becomes bigger and what we ignore is minimized. Write a list of all the parts of yourself which you love. Read it as many times as you need to. Cultivate a place of self-love within you, go there often. Show your assets off. Take some selfies, just for you, or share them if you like. Make a confidence scrap book on Pinterest or on a cork board featuring positive quotes, include compliments you’ve received over the years and add photos of yourself which you love. Be mindful of who you are watching. Social media has a powerful effect on us, often without our realising it. It will be near impossible to find your confidence if you are aspiring to and surrounding yourself with unrealistic, fake and unattainable imagery. Source positive role models, hunt down the people you relate to and seek out positive forces within the media. Eradicate anything from your social media that leaves you feeling less than. Removing negative influences will instantly leave you freer to be yourself and this trickles right down to the clothing choices you make. 

Keep Searching

Confidence can be an elusive and tricky little thing, always just out of reach, impermanent, shifting with the tides of life and growth. As we face obstacles, discover new passions, develop ourselves and move throughout our lives, it is an inescapable fact that our confidence will ebb and flow. Some day’s weeks or years we ride high on the wings of our inner self worth and then very quickly that can come crashing down. So, while confidence can feel like the gold at the end of the rainbow and we can feel as though we never completely at it, we learn that it doesn’t really matter because we are the rainbow, beautiful in all our colours and lights, divine in our journey despite the destination, perfect in our bodies and our souls, we realise we already had the magic all along. 

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About Kimberley Sara

Kimberley Sara is a Canberra based personal stylist, fashion blogger and mum of two boys. 

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