Easy Styling Tips

Easy Styling Tips

Easy Styling Tips

Have you reached that point where you've said 'What happened to my style?' Did it go out the door with sleep, privacy and uninterrupted coffees? Well, we can’t help with the latter but we can help with key pieces for your wardrobe to get you re-acqauinted with yourself. We are all about style over trend at Embodycon because we don’t have time for fast fashion.

Set the foundations right and the rest will fall into place

Here are the essentials for every wardrobe (and sorry activewear and trackie dacks aren’t included here because they are a given!)

  • Stretch Jeans - comfortable jeans in any colour is the perfect base
  • Great Trousers - great option from work to social events (or when you didn’t shave your legs!)
  • Plain Tees - black, white, grey, coloured, short sleeve tops, long sleeves tops, all the tops! Great for layering or on their own
  • White Shirt - A classic white shirt is going to work with every bottom. No woman looks bad in a white shirt and they are ageless.
  • Casual Dresses - Everyday dresses that get you from playgroup to school drop offs. Whether you like a slim fitting dress or loose shift the best casual dresses have a little stretch for ultimate comfort. And they can be dressed up easily with shoes, accessories or colourful kimonos
  • Social Dresses - When the invites for nightclub parties change to Bridal Showers, First Birthdays and Christenings you need some staple social dresses to get you through. Who knew you’d be going out more with kids!
  • Cosy Knits - Cosy cardigans are just as important as comfortable jeans - like a warm hug.
  • Jackets - Great trans-seasonal jackets designed for layering get you through each year without having to
  • Skirts - Basic above the knee skirts
  • Materials - denim, linen, jersey, cotton blends and the dirty word polyester - but it washes well and has improved over the years to make it longer lasting. Another great material is Bamboo and is making its way through the clothing worked - it hard wearing, great quality, anti-bacterial and offers a great base for stretchy materials. We think it's a winner
  • Styles that don’t date - stripes, dots, florals, lace trims, denim, shirts, wrap dresses, bodycon dresses, animal print, leather

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” - Rachel Zoe

What does style mean to you?

We want you to think about the pieces that will last a few years and work with other pieces in your wardrobe and not just be a trend that you have to dump at the end of the season. We have become so conditioned to fill our wardrobes with more and more but making it all work together can be stress-inducing.

Having a great base to work from will help eliminate the drama of choosing what to wear or resigning it to the ‘too hard’ basket and not putting any effort into yourself at all - and I will put my hand up on this because I have done this myself a thousand times.

We don’t want to tell you what to wear at Embodycon, because that is a personal journey. However, we will encourage you to re-connect with yourself. Not every piece of clothing is going to work for your body. So get to know and appreciate your body and what makes you feel confident.

Identify yourself, because we lose ourselves a little in our children and families. It can be a difficult task to think about ourselves and our bodies in a positive light but we need to start appreciating ourselves more and sharing that message with our children.



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